The Silver Buffalo - Awarded to the Top Shooter

Home of the Silver Buffalo

One of the fastest growing shooting sports is Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette (BPCRS). In this sport, shooters use authentic or reproduction rifles to knock down four different steel silhouettes at four different ranges. The sport was organized in 1985 by shooters who recognized the great interest in the U.S. in the black powder cartridge rifles of the era preceding 1896. BPCRS harkens back to this time, a time of big-bore, single shot rifles, a time of long-range target shooting and buffalo hunting.

Kentucky BPCR & Kentucky 22 BPCRA hold their matches at the North Eastern Kentucky Fish & Game Association; matches are staged on the ‘Long Shot Range’ located off of Gate #1 from the Herbert C Ross Road near Ashland Kentucky. We’re best known for annually hosting & staging the ‘Chicken Bowling Championship of the World’; yes, this is a real thing but you have to attend one of our Regionals to try your hand at it.


Competitors come from across the land and all of them state, unequivocally, that we’ve got the toughest range in all the land. Don’t believe this absolute a statement . . . let’s just say that last year, only 3 ‘Masters’ scores were recorded. Master shooters regularly score in the mid twenties, and as for everyone else, well, they leave with a smile on their face and a dumb-founded look in their eyes. It really is that tough to shoot here BUT, if you’re up to the challenge, you won’t find a more friendlier, more welcoming group to shoot with out there.

Our season runs March through October but we practice just about every Friday whenever the weather cooperates. Our 22 BPCRA Matches are held throughout the summer on every Second Saturday of the month; the big bore BPCR matches are held every 4th Saturday of the month and we usually stage a 22 BPCRA match if we have enough shooters and it’s not too late. On the match days, shooter registration will begin at 8 AM. A shooter’s meeting will be held at 9 am with the match following the shooter’s meeting. 2018 Monthly Match fee is $25.00/Day + $5.00/Day for Lunch (Optional) | 22 BPCRA is staged the second Saturday in May, June, July, August, and September; we start around 11’ish and the match fee is $10 to shoot the National course or $5 to shoot the shorter NRA course – Supervised Kids are welcome and always shoot for free. NRA & BPCRA rules apply, Ear, Eye Protection, and Open Breech Block Indicators required.

Our Big Bore BPCR range is a NRA Regulation 500 meter set up with Chickens located @ 200 Meters; Pigs @300 Meters; Turkeys @ 385 Meters; and Rams all the way out at 500 Meters. The 22 BPCRA National Course is also set up in Meters and we stage 60-round matches (15 of each animal): Chickens @ 50 Meters; Pigs @ 100 Meters; Turkeys @ 150 Meters; and Rams @ 200 Meters – good luck hitting Rams @ 200 Meters consistently with a sub-sonic 22 round on a windy day. It can and has been done, but 15 in a row is rare.

If you haven’t visited or shot with us here in Kentucky, you owe it to yourself to add one of our Regional Matches to your yearly calendar. Not only is it very competitive, but we’ll feed you well and you’ll leave with a ton of great prizes. Who knows, you may just shoot a Master score!