2016 Ohio Valley Regional


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2016 Kentucky Spring Challenge  Results

The weekend forecast was pretty dismal and probably kept a lot of our normal shooters away. However, God smiled on us and instead of lots of heavy rain and thunderstorms, we had good shooting weather. On Saturday we started out overcast with threatening rain then the sun came out. We delayed lunch and finished the match by 1:00pm. We had great shooting weather for the match. About an hour after the match, it began to rain a little and rained most of the night.

Sunday was forecast to be the worst day for storms. However, despite rain the night before, the weather diminished just before the match started. We had to contend with a little rain for about 45 minutes, then it quit. It remained overcast for another hour and then the sun came out. We finished up the match, put away targets and gave out awards, finishing the day by about 1:30pm with a sunny 80 degrees.

We had target setters who did a great job and kept the match moving. The target setters, coupled with a somewhat low turnout contributed to the early finish times. We had 12 shooters on Saturday and 9 for Sunday. Three shooters returned home Saturday night for Sunday church services and home duties. We had one new shooter with lots of range time experience in other shooting activities. He made Master Class for his very first shoot. Congratulations to Neil Eddington! It seems that Phil Morgan is still with us. Neil used Phil’s old gun and Phil’s old ammo to accomplish this feat. Although the shoot was small in size, it was big on quality. Many of the shooters, especially the ones who had traveled a long ways to get there were very complementary of the event.

Iron Scores

Master/AAA/AA            Day 1  Day 2    Aggregate
Dutch Grawemeyer                10        19             29                    2nd
Jim Perin                                 20        21             41                    1st
Jim Lang                                  22        —              22
Tom Barr                                 22        —              22
Ian Egbert                           26        21             47        Match Winner

Dave Miller                             16        —        16
Floyd Whitman                       15        17        32                    1st

Scope Scores

Neil Eddington                 31        28        59                    Match Winner
George Louli                           29        23        52                    2nd
Stan Reed                                28        25        53                    1st

Bob Frame                              17        9          26                    1st
Bill Canada                              11        12        23                    2nd

The next Kentucky BPCR Match is scheduled for Saturday, May 28th, 2016; target setters have been scheduled. We will have the range open for Practice on Saturday, May 21st and Friday, May 27th if you need to work on your loads or just want to practice. We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and enjoying a great shoot. See you then,
Bob Frame & George Louli | Match Directors

March 26, 2016

We had 11 shooters from 3 states attend the first match of the year (March 26, 2016). There were 4 shooters from Ohio, 4 from West Virginia and 3 from Kentucky. Stan Reed was the outstanding shooter for the day with a High Overall Score of 25. He was shooting Phil Morgan’s old C. Sharps rifle. I’m sure Phil was watching him from above and maybe assisting Stan a little, at least we would like to think so. It was good to see a former departed shooter’s rifle put back in service by a close friend. 

A shout out should also go to Ian Egbert, he was the day’s High-Chicken Shooter with 6 Chickens in all!

The scores for today are as follows:

Iron Sight Class
M       Jim Radcliffe 1-8-4-7 for a 20 and 3rd place Iron class
AAA   Tim Gifford 2-8-4-5 for a 19
Tom Barr 6-6-5-5 for a 19
AA      Ian Egbert 6-4-4-6 for a 20 and 1st place Iron class
Jim Lang 2-8-6-5 for a 21 and High Overall Iron class
A         Dave Miller 1-9-6-4 for a 20 and 2nd place Iron class
Jon Klein 3-5-3-5 for a 16 (first match for Jon)

Scope Sight Class
AAA    George Louli 1-3-4-5 for a 13 and 2nd place Scope class
AA       Stan Reed 1-10-5-8 for a 25 and High Overall Scope class
A          Bob Frame 3-3-4-6 for a 16 and 1st place Scope class
B          Bill Canada 0-6-0-2 for an 8 and 3rd place Scope class