Thank you all to those brave competitors that weathered stormy, wet & cold conditions and bravely faced adversity with a smile. Great shooting Neil with a Master score recorded on both shooting days – well done.

We have the BEST competitors at Kentucky BPCR – even after a long, cold day in the wet and such, they banded together and requested a 22 BPCRA Shoot! As you can see, this was one of our closer matches with just 1 critter separating the first 3 places!

We enjoyed great weather and a good group of shooters for our first Monthly 22 BPCRA match. The competition was tight with 1st, 2nd,3rd place separated by 1 target for each place!!! George Louli was Match winner with a 43; Ian Egbert won 1st with a 34; Bob Frame with a 33 and Susan Hyslop with a 32. KY BPCRA welcomed Deana Egbert to our family of shooters, she managed a very respectable 25 first time out (even managed to secure a 5-pig pin!) and we’re happy to welcome back Greg Pennell, it’s been a bit too long and you are welcome to come back, fine-tune your skills and bust our butts next month!

Our first Match of the year enjoyed great weather and better friendship. A good time was had by all and at the end of the day, Ian Egbert took home the Silver Buffalo as the overall winner with a score of 26 which tied his personal best! Well done Ian. We also staged our first 60-round 22 BPCRA Match on Saturday. Stan Reed won with a 40 followed by Jim Radcliffe and Susan Hyslop with 38 each with Jim winning the ‘tie-breaker’ on Chickens. Well done all.