Kentucky 22 BPCRA


2019 SE 22 BPCRA Regional
6/21 | 60-Round Match

KY State 22 Championship
9/27 | 60-Round Match

Kentucky BPCR has established a 22 Silhouette discipline and will be staging their matches on the Black Powder Range:

  1. The National 22 Silhouette Course ($10/match)
    • Shall stage and host all 22 BPCRA sanctioned matches
    • Full distance course (50, 100, 150 & 200 meters)
    • 22 BPCRA membership is required and books will be issued ($15 annual fee)
    • Sanctioned BPCRA rifles & approved sights required (see Rifles Section below)
    • Classification will be set similar to the regular NRA classifications
    • Separate classes for Iron and Scope
  2. The NRA 22 Silhouette Course ($5/match)
    • Reduced distance course (25, 50, 75 & 100 meters)
    • ANY 22 rifle/ANY sight
    • Shooting off bench/bag/bi-pods, etc.
    • Younger shooters are encouraged (with adult supervision)
    • Chickens must be shot off-hand/standing position (25-yards) to promote safe gun handling skills
  3. 22 BPCRA Regional will be shot on the National Course ($20/match)

Awards in the form of ‘Pins’ will be issued to all those that hit 5 or 10 or 15 animals in a row. Match winner pins will be issued to the days top score on both the National Course  and the NRA Course.

About 22 BPCRA
Over the past 12+ years, this game has been called by many names, all of which mix the notion of a  Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette (BPCRS) match in .22 rimfire. 22BPCRA is a National Organization with Sanctioned matches held throughout the country, learn more here.

 Intent / Purpose:
The original intent is to provide an recreational game for the practice with the purpose of improving ones proficiency with BPCR rifle with out the expense and time of reloading.

To create a match that mirrors BPCR Silhouette in all respects.  The course of fire, scoring and rifles permitted are in keeping with the spirit of BPCR Silhouette.  In this even the the distances are shorter, and the caliber of the guns will be .22 rimfire.  The distances of the targets were adopted to allow this event to be fired at most rifle/pistol ranges, using existing berms and target stands/frames.  In keeping with the    shorter distances, the size of the animals are reduced accordingly to maintain the challenge of the match.

Course of Fire:
The course of fire will be either 40 shots for record, (10 shots for each target: Chickens, Pigs, Turkeys and Rams) or 60 shots for record, (15 shots for each target: Chickens, Pigs, Turkeys and Rams).  Timing will be 8 minutes for 10 shots for score plus a 30 second “ready” period (unlimited sighter shots are permitted within this 8 minute time limit) for the 10-shot strings or 12:30 for the 15 shot strings.

Once a shooter has announced his intention to go for record, targets are shot in sequence (10 shots for 10 targets | 15 shots for 15 targets).  Targets shot out of sequence shall be scored as a miss.  If a shooter misses a target, shooter will move to the next target.  Chickens will be shot off-hand, Pigs, Turkeys and Rams may be shot off-hand or sitting or prone from crossed sticks.  Crossed sticks must be BPCR Silhouette legal.

Sighter targets/targets to be placed at the following distances:

  • Chickens @ 50 meters – Shot ‘Off-Hand’
  • Pigs @ 100 meters – Shot Prone or Sitting using cross-sticks
  • Turkeys @ 150 meters – Shot Prone or Sitting using cross-sticks
  • Rams @ 200 meters – Shot Prone or Sitting using cross-sticks

These distances are common distances around the country, some clubs have established different distances for this game.  These are not meant to be absolute distances, but merely guidelines for those wising to start this game at their clubs.

To shoot sanctioned 22BPCRA matches, acceptable rifles must be of BPCR Silhouette configuration, (exposed hammer, no hooked butt-plates or palm rests).  They may be originally chambered for .22 rimfire, converted/re-lined, or BPCR Silhouette rifles with removable liners/insert chambered for .22 rimfire.  Sights will be open globe front sights and tang/peep rear sights permitted.  Period-correct Malcolm-style Scopes permitted in the Scope Class; Scopes or sights with iris-type adjustments are not permitted. In the same manner that BPCR Silhouette rules prevent a technology race, these same rules are encouraged for .22 LR Silhouette for the same purpose.  As stated earlier, this game was originally intended to mirror BPCR Silhouette in all respects.

To shoot the NRA Silhouette match, ANY 22 caliber rifle with ANY sight is permitted; we strongly suggest low power 22 ammo as it is generally more accurate.

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